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Amperage Capital In Partnership with EVAdoption Launches First State of EV Charging in Apartment Communities Report

Amperage Capital

Feb 1, 2023

Mass adoption of electric vehicles will never be a reality without sustainable solutions for the 44 million Americans living in apartment complexes

Dallas, TX - February 1, 2023– Today, Amperage Capital, an infrastructure investor and operator, focused on addressing electric vehicle charging solutions in apartment communities, launched in partnership with EVAdoption, a leading electric vehicle analyst firm, an industry report highlighting the key challenges in providing EV charging for multi-family housing. This report outlines the state of the industry, key challenges for multi-unit tenants and owners, and recommended solutions to help mass adoption of electric vehicles take place. 

“Multi-unit owners are in a bind, as they are realizing that to stay competitive and keep their tenants happy, they’ll need to have a proper solution for EV charging, and soon,” said Kelsey Holshouser, Co-Founder and COO, Amperage Capital. “This is why we partnered with EVAdoption on this state of the industry report. We wanted to lend insights into the key issues facing multi-unit tenants and owners, give them a clear view on where the industry stands now, and more importantly, clear solutions on the path forward.”

Key highlights in the report include: 

  • Based on EV ownership growth rates, the multi-family industry is not currently approaching EV charging in a sustainable way.  This is evidenced by the lack of adoption by apartment dwellers and inability to search for EV charging as an amenity on apartment search websites

  • In most cases, those who live in apartments are at a disadvantage when it comes to charging, resulting in much lower EV purchases by this demographic vs those who live in single family homes. Nearly half of apartment dwellers lack home charging vs only 5% of single family home owners

“This type of industry analysis is so important right now as more funds on a state and federal level become available and more people choose to go electric,” said CEO and Lead Analyst, Loren McDonald, EVAdoption. “To gain clear insights into this part of the equation, and to uncover the challenges, as well as the solutions, is essential for the next step of mass adoption of EVs.” 

To download a free copy of the report please visit: The State of EV Charging in Apartment Communities Report

About Amperage Capital

Amperage Capital is an infrastructure investor and operator, focused on addressing a large and rapidly growing gap in infrastructure investment to support residential electric vehicle charging solutions in apartment communities. By paying for 100% of construction costs to get power to parking spaces and the costs of charging equipment, Amperage Capital enables apartment owners and operators to provide their EV driving tenants with assigned EV charging in apartment communities. Amperage is addressing a major pain point for apartment residents today and paving a path towards accelerated EV adoption by apartment residents. Based in Dallas, Texas, and backed by a number of large Dallas family offices, Amperage is committed to making charging EVs as simple as parking at home and plugging in - irrespective of where you live. 

Media Contact:

Erin Lumley on behalf of Amperage Capital


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