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We are amperage. 

Amperage Capital is your infrastructure
investor, owner, and operator, focused
on addressing the large and growing
need to decarbonize and electrify
 mixed use communities. 

Property Owners Build EV Infrastructure with amperage.

amperage brings together capital, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, project finance, utility management, distributed energy resources (DERs), automation, and environmental social governance in one, unified offering for Multi-Family Owners.

We are Asset Managers

  • AC Level 2 

  • DCFC Level 3

  • Bi-Directional Transformers

  • Battery Energy Storage 

  • On-site generation

We are Project Managers

  • Real estate & infrastructure

  • Microgrids

  • Greenfield Projects 

  • Brownfield Projects

  • Infrastructure Expansions

  • Charging-as-a-Service

We are Charge Point Operators

  • EV Charger Maintenance

  • Grid Integration 

  • DER Reporting and Execution

  • Load Management 

  • Scheduled Charging 

  • Energy Optimization 

Electrification is at the Center of our Investment Thesis.

Why amperage.?

As EVs shape the automotive industry, grid-supported megatrends suggest a new distributed energy resources (DERs) solution for multifamily owners. amperage uniquely provides long-term capital for EV infrastructure, unlocking energy potential through asset management and customer experience. 

multifamily image bk.jpeg

Apartment EV Charging: How Renters Can Get Juice

If you live in an apartment, charging an EV is more challenging. But it could be getting easier

The business outcome of amperage. 


Low Cost to the Tenants.

Amperage Capital pays 100% of the cost of construction and engineering and you receive a revenue share from day one, contributing to NOI.

Future Proofing the Building.

In collaboration with evadoption, the leading EV Analyst firm, the 2023 Annual report on The State of EV Charging in Multi-family directly points to the need for infrastructure capital.


Convenient Charging Tenants Love.

With 24/7 assigned EV charging, your residents will plug in when they return home and wake up to a fully charged EV — all without the interruptions and a painful resident experience.


We are driving the decarbonization of transportation and helping tenants reduce their carbon footprint by 40%


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